You Need to Know Checking attentions for concrete batching plant

  • HM Machinery

When we use concrete mixing plant equipment, field staff should be careful security issues, we want the job site regularly to check security issues concrete mixing station . In concrete batch plant construction site safety must take to do, each mixing station equipment must be timed, qualitative and went to check maintenance, does security work-site safety.


1, during the installation process, you want to look at a lot of attention cement tank (cement silo) body is inclined, deformed legs and other issues. If there is such a case, to promptly solve the problem, do not wait until there is a problem when the only regret.

2, the installation process types, to the bottom of the legs and basic welding firmly embedded.

3, during the concrete batching plant work, non strong impact leg and body positions. For example, load the car and out on the forklift or material feed. If found to be timely to replace the legs or the legs again firmly.

4. Before installing the machine, to the foundation done, must be done securely.

5, after the operation of the machine had worked at some time, check the cement dust bag attached to the case of regular time in the machine does not work, clean. And butter pneumatic pump.


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