How To Make The Concrete Mixer Machine Better Work

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mobile concrete mixer

1.Influence of timely clean on mobile concrete mixer

Clean the mixer by dumping the excess concrete in a 30gallon trash can and rinsing out the mixer with a hose,until the water runs clear. Catch everything with thetrash can. The water still contains active cement;never pour it down the drain. Let it sit for 24 hours.The heavy stuff will settle to the bottom and then youcan pour off the water. Dump the sludge out onto atarp, let it dry Skid Steer Loader, and then disposeof it.

A cement mixer requires thorough cleaning after everyuse. If you fail to maintain your mixer properlymobile block machine, the drum can become coated withdried concrete and gravel, and the longer you wait toclean it, the more difficult the job.

2.Cooler water will lengthen working time of concrete mixer

The drum of the mixer has fixed paddles attached tothe inside. When the mixer is rotating, these paddlespick up the concrete, pull it to the top, and thengravity lets it fall down on itself. This churningmotion mixes the concrete. If the drum of the mixer istilted up vertically, the churning motion can'thappen. Tip the mixer as horizontally as possiblewithout spilling out the concrete.Using cooler water will extend the working time of themix. This will be helpful if you're in a very hotclimate. Every bagged concrete mix has a range ofwater requirements. Play it safe by adding less waterthan

recommended, and then gradually add the remainingwater while keeping an eye on the consistency of themix.

3. improve quality of domestic concrete mixer

Stable quality of concrete mixer has been improvedrapidly in China.Since problems about technical quality in concrete mixer industry exist,HAOMEI continuous to survey mixer products, so overall level of product quality has undergone major changes.To improve product quality and stability, structural adjustment has been taken. Some enterprises from developed countries have introduced technology,design, and wear resistance mixer equipment, which represents the level of the concrete mixer machine in the industry.However, such products only possess about 10% of the market share. On the other hand, driven by national policy, part of the productions of enterprises has to adapt to market requirements. In the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, based on self- developed nationally appropriate prices,relatively high energy conservation, compact device diesel concrete mixer, performance to meet the basic needs of engineering construction has obtained concrete mixer, and the market has been recognized and welcomed.


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